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  • Donations

    The Guild is proud to financially support various community organizations and charities.  In fact, the Guild's By-Laws require that at least 50% of all fund-raising proceeds, including general donations, be donated back to the community organizations.  Donations are made on an individual basis, followed by either approval of the Guild membership at our quarterly meetings, or by the Guild Executive Board.  If your organization is interested in submitting a request for a donation, please use the Donation Request Forum.  Please be sure to provide a detailed description of how our donation will be used by your organization.  

    Donation amounts typically run from $100 to $500, depending on the status of our donation funds.  Larger amounts may be requested.  

    To submit a Donation Request, click the Donation Request Form.

    Donating to the Guild?

    The Guild is happy to accept your donation!  There are two causes for donations: The Benevolent Fund and the Guild Donation Fund.  

    Benevolent Fund - This fund is set up for Guild members and their immediate family in times of crisis or emergency.  During such times, the Guild may use the media to ask for donations and have a special donation account activated at Key Bank.  Donations for specific benevolent causes are always paid out in full and no money is withheld for any other purpose.  Donations may be made to this account even if there is no immediate cause.  Funds will remain in the account until needed for a benevolent cause.

    Guild Donation Fund - Guild members volunteer many hours at various community and charitable events such as school presentations, Special Olympics fund raising events and awards presentations, and other benevolent or charitable events.  Donating to the Guild's Donation Fund benefits the Guild's own internal events, such as activities for Guild families and children.  Donations to this account are treated like any other fund raising (see above) unless you are donating to a specific benevolent cause or person (i.e.. benevolent donations)

    Please remember that donations to the Guild are not tax deductible as we are an IRS 501(c)(5) non-profit organization and not a charitable 501(c)(3).

    Thank you very much!

    To see a list of donation recipients, please click the following link:

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